In this week’s episode of the Popjunk Podcast Zo, John and Chad discuss the newest James Bond film directed by Sam Mendes.


  • We defend James Rolfe’s “review” of the upcoming Ghostbusters film and discuss outrage culture in general.
  • Two new Phil Lord and Chris Miller TV shows are in the works. We discuss our thoughts on both.
  • Netflix acquires distribution rights to all Disney streaming content. Is it a good or bad thing?

On this week’s episode of the Popjunk Podcast Zo, John and Chad discuss the indie movie Short Term 12.

In addition!

  • We talk about the Assassin’s Creed movie trailer
  • DOOM is near! We talk about how awesome it looks
  • The new Warcraft movie is upcoming and we talk about Duncan Jones’s approach to filming it
  • Every movie you love is being made into a TV series!  ….Well not really.
  • John finally gets to talk about Brooklyn 99 and says some things that are false and goes on a rant.

In this episode of the Popjunk Podcast, Star Wars! Zo, Chad gush over The Force Awakens while John picked some nits.


  • Wet Hot American Summer Netflix show(not the first one)
  • Young Han Solo cast
  • Swiss Army Man trailer is funny but also disturbing
  • Tickled trailer……..
  • Elstree 1976, the documentary about the little known Star Wars actors

In the very first episode of the Popjunk Podcast Lorenzo, John and Chad do an in depth review of Quentin Tarantino’s newest film, The Hateful Eight.


  • We talk about the Nintendo NX and whether or not this will be Nintendo’s come back to gaming.
  • We discuss the Snowden movie trailer and Joseph Gordon Levitt’s weird voice.
  • Are women still objectified in movies? We ponder misogynistic movie posters.
  • John hypes up Dead Rising 3 for the XBox One
  • Zo talks about the play Jesus Christ Superstar
  • Chad briefly discusses Stardew Valley